Create Interconnected Reality
through Users’ Emotional Interaction in VR

Looxid Labs’ ultimate emotion recognition system will introduce human emotions into a virtual environment and enable users to emotionally engage with a virtual character knowing that the users’ emotional states. This will make a significant leap forward in improving users’ VR immersion and feeling of presence.

A person wearing a VR device is interacting with a virtual character

Bring Emotion Recognition System
into the Realm of VR 

We seamlessly integrate an emotion recognition system with VR.
Our emotion recognition system makes it easier than ever to understand users in VR.

Leverage Looxid Labs’ ultimate VR Interface
in terms of Hardware, Software, and Algorithms

VR hardware which has brain and eye signal sensors

Benefit of Hardware

Seamlessly embed emotion sensing sensors into existing VR headset models.
Our VR add-on embedding sensor module measures users' eye movement and brainwave once users wear the VR headset.

software display shows brain and eye signals

Advanced Software

Deliver robust eye and brain signals through software optimization.
Our emotion recognition API with our advanced software delivers robust eye and brain signals in real-time.

virtual reality display

Accurate User Emotion Analytics

Employ world’s best eye-brain interface and exceptional machine learning algorithms.
Our proprietary machine learning algorithm classifies users' bio-signals including brainwave and pupil information into users' emotional states.