LooxidVR Research Kit

$ 2,999.00 $ 2,399.00

The product is scheduled to be shipped this summer. We will keep you informed of the exact time of delivery and updates on product development via email.

  • Mobile VR Headset
  • Control Panel
  • Data-handling API (TBA)
  • Pre-order Package: Early-bird discount, Additional EEG masks

LooxidVR is a mobile based VR headset embedded with EEG sensors and eye tracking cameras and thus can keep track of a user’s brain activity, eye movement, and pupil dilation. By setting specific start and end times for the experiment, the user’s raw EEG data from six channels, head position, and pupil information including saccade and pupil dilation are synchronized with the time that the actual stimuli take place. The researchers can directly store the users’ physiological data such as their eye movement and EEG signals into their PCs over a USB connection. Once researchers create VR contents in Unity platform as more valid experimental stimuli, they can get time-synchronized eye and brain data within their apps through LooxidVR’s easy-to-use API.

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