LooxidVR Research Kit


This research kit includes following items:

  • LooxidVR Headset x 1
  • LooxidVR EEG Mask x 2 (narrow, wide)
  • VR controller x 1
  • License key for LooxidVR Application (delivered by email)
  • Support for LooxidVR Unity SDK

A mobile based VR headset embedded with EEG sensors and eye tracking cameras. It can keep track of the user’s brain activity, eye movement, and pupil dilation. By setting specific start and end times for each trial, the user’s raw EEG data from the six channels, head position, and pupil information, including saccade and pupil dilation, is synchronized with the time that the actual stimuli take place. Researchers can directly store the users’ physiological data into their desktops through a USB port.

LooxidVR’s easy-to-use API allows eye and brain time synchronization for any content created through the Unity platform. Therefore, the LooxidVR provides researchers an effective tool for stimuli analyzation.